Night vision superpower

Leepa Chakraborty: The researchers claim that they have achieved success in giving night vision to the rat. They say that a single injection of nanoparticles led to infrared vision in mice for up to 10 weeks and the mice will be able to see the infrared light with the least side effects. Researchers say thatContinue reading “Night vision superpower”

India will make history if Vikram gives a response

Arjun Jana, Agami Kalarab: Chandrayaan 2 was about to make history on 7th September 2019 by placing the Vikram lander on the lunar south pole. It was expected a soft landing on lunar south pole but just before the landing about 2.1 km from surface the signal was lost and the landing was a hardContinue reading “India will make history if Vikram gives a response”