The Art of Busking

Prashant Pandey, Agami Kalarab: Photography has always been, and will always be tagged as a performing art. There is a new word, often being used these days, ‘Busking‘. It’s dictionary meaning is putting your act of music or visual arts out in front of the viewers. It is a challenging task as the viewers mayContinue reading “The Art of Busking”

Some easy ways to stay healthy and fit

Shushmit banerjee, Agami Kalarab: We have a general idea that maintaining a healthy body is time consuming and takes a lot of effort. Which, I beg to differ. You just need to do few things like exercise on alternate days if not daily, and maintain a healthy diet. The body has to be kept inContinue reading “Some easy ways to stay healthy and fit”

10 things every Bengali feels while travelling

Rupkatha Banerjee: We are Bengalis. Most of us love travelling. When we stick to doing so in our own country, most of us face a few stereotyped situations, some of them are really fun, some make us proud, some of them however are not as fun. These are some things that we are sure youContinue reading “10 things every Bengali feels while travelling”