Shyama Prasad Mukherjee: The nation mourns for 67 years injustice, Mystery unveiled

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: Shyama Prasad Mukherjee is an example of great leadership and political milestone. He was born on July 6, 1901. He would have preferred to spend a lifetime in the hallowed portal of goddess Saraswati. However, the perilous political situation in undivided Bengal in the late 1930s compelled him to pursue activeContinue reading “Shyama Prasad Mukherjee: The nation mourns for 67 years injustice, Mystery unveiled”

Dharamveer Sambhaji: Forever invincible to tyrants

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: In his short rule spanning nine years, Sambhaji gained recognition for his valour and patriotism. He continues to be celebrated, particularly in Maharashtra as the ruler who choose death over conversation. Son of brave Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a scholar of Sanskrit and other eight languages. He single handedlyContinue reading “Dharamveer Sambhaji: Forever invincible to tyrants”

Exodus of Parsis: Brutality permeates all atrocities

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: About 1300 years ago Persia (now Iran) was ruled by Fire worshippers who followed by Zend Avesta a holy book considered as second oldest book after Rig Veda. After the Victory of the battle of Ullais in 633AD Caliph Omar told to Parsis: “Submit to Islam or else you will haveContinue reading “Exodus of Parsis: Brutality permeates all atrocities”

Romance of Nazis: A saga of Holocaust

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: It is very surprising that like Pakistanis at present few opportunistics and traitors are finding similarities with the Nazi regime in India! Let’s it is important to know what happened to Jews during WWII by Nazi-Islamic nexus.The global rise of white nationalist violence proves that the threat of fascism is notContinue reading “Romance of Nazis: A saga of Holocaust”

How was nationalism rooted from Bengal?

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: Like most modern ideas in Bharat, “Hindutva,” also, was born in Bengal in the 19th century. But even he fails to mention its probable progenitor. A Bangla tract by that name was published in 1892 by a bhadralok man of letters we have forgotten today. His name is Chandranath Basu, aContinue reading “How was nationalism rooted from Bengal?”

Hundred years of Khilafat: How Gandhi supported movement unleashed the beast of Islamic fanaticism

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: The Khilafat movement, taught in Indian school books as the first pan-India agitation against the British rule, fought by Hindus and Muslims together, does not incite readers’ interest. However, when examined closely, with its nuances, one finds seeds of prominent historical events such as the partition of India on religious grounds,Continue reading “Hundred years of Khilafat: How Gandhi supported movement unleashed the beast of Islamic fanaticism”

Mughal rule: The glory of Savage

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: In the late seventeenth century, the city of Anandpur Sahib prospered and grew under the inspired leadership of the Tenth Guru, Siri Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. Guru’s four young sons, the Sahibzadas, lived with their parents in the city of Anandpur; Baba Ajit Singh, Baba Jujhar Singh, Baba Zorowar SinghContinue reading “Mughal rule: The glory of Savage”

Brutal Tipu: Killer of Hindus

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: Though Tipu denoted as a secular ruler and a freedom fighter, but neither he was a patriot nor a secular. He was reviled by many and thought as a Hindu killing king. Tipu Sultan was anti Hindu, as soon as sitting on a throne after death of Haider Ali Tipu declaredContinue reading “Brutal Tipu: Killer of Hindus”

Sinhagad: The Astonishing Escalade of Tanhaji and his 300 Marathas

Gautam Guha, agami kalarab: Last 19th November ‘Tanhaji: The unsung Warrior’ trailor has been released. It is mainly based on bravery battle of Sinhagad. Lets take a look who was Tanhaji Malusare. On February 4, 1670 in a stunning act of daredevilry, 300 Maharashtrian soldiers led by Tanhaji Malusare, one of the ablest commanders ofContinue reading “Sinhagad: The Astonishing Escalade of Tanhaji and his 300 Marathas”

Maharana Bappa Rawal– The great Hindu Warrior

Gautam Guha, Agami Kalarab: Mewar! when we hear this name the things that comes to our mind is countless great warriors who gave their lives for our country and religion. Bappa Rawal was one of them. Maharana Bappa Rawal defeated Mohammad bin Qasim— The first attacker of Islam on Indian subcontinent. On his way backContinue reading “Maharana Bappa Rawal– The great Hindu Warrior”